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PLC Splitter Module (Blockless)
   PLC Splitter is a light wave power divider which bases on quartz foundation plate. It owns the features of compact size, broad operating wavelength, high reliability and good uniform power splitting. Especially, it’s suitable in Passive Optical Network to connect the central and terminal end equipment, so that can realize the light signal splitting. Reliable not only can supply the series products of 1×N, but also can supply PLC Splitter suitable for various occasions on customer requests. All the Reliable products confirm in the standard of Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209.
Product Features
Low insertion loss and Low PDL
Uniform power splitting
High reliability
Excellent environmental stability
Compact size and various packages
FTTx Systems
Digital Hybrid and AM-Video systems
CATV Systems
Other applications in fiber optic systems
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