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Variable Optical Attenuator

The variable optical attenuator (VOA), based on silica-on-silicon planar light-wave circuit (PLC) technology,  is actuated with electrical power through thermo-optic effect. The VOA comprises of both ‘normally open’ and  ‘normally dark’ types. It achieves high accuracy attenuation in open loop operation, and features fast response time, low insertion loss and low power consumption. The small size of VOA makes it easily integrated onto circuit board. These excellent features give Solorein’s VOA an advantage in WDM, VMUX/DEMUX, OADM and optical network protection applications.

Product Features Low  Insertion  Loss
●No  Moving  Parts
●Fast  Actuation
●Small  Size
●Open  Loop  Operation  with  High  Accuracy

●Channel  Balance  in  WDM  System
●Variable  Multi/Demultiplexer
●Overload  Protection
●Dynamic  Gain  Equalization
●Channel  Balancing at  OADM  Nodes


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